Mind Strengthening Through Waking Moments and Lucid Dreams

We have heard that phrase time and time again: mind over matter. It is dished out as if it is the easiest thing in the world and only takes the snap of a finger to perform. The truth is mind strengthening is a life-long practice that we must undergo in order to truly achieve this state.


There are many ways to strengthen the mind. From challenging the smallest of habits to changing perceptions and controlling your thoughts, the options vary in size and difficulty. An easy way for beginners to strengthen their mind is to sharpen their brain through exercise and good nutrition. Now, that doesn’t mean imagining your brain doing deadlifts while chugging on protein shakes. Mental exercises include heightening your awareness of your environment, becoming more mindful of your thoughts and actions, learning something new, and meditation. These set the brain alight, figuratively speaking, which keep your neurons active and sharp.


You can be creative about your exercises too. Trying something completely new and unfamiliar is a great way to challenge your mind. Maybe learn something useful that could be mentally stimulating at the same time. Ever thought about learning about indoor pipes? Not only is it a real-life puzzle game, but learning how to do your own plumbing services is a very nifty skill.


More advanced methods of mind strengthening can also happen in the dream state. Recent studies show that lucid dreaming, although difficult to achieve, provides the brain exactly the kind of stimuli and environment that allows it to stretch its muscles. Lucid dreaming is when you are fully aware that you are in a dream state and are able to experience it as if you are fully conscious. It is very effective at mind strengthening because not only do you have to willfully decide that you must stay cognizant, but it also allows you to manipulate your thoughts and your world in a way that you could not in waking life. Lucid dreaming takes a lot of preparation and practice, but once achieved, can be a pretty magnificent moment. And the best part is, not only does it give you a really stunning experience, but also gives you powerful mind strengthening skills.


Whether you do it awake or asleep, mind strengthening and exercising your will power are important skills to succeed in life. The ability to overcome challenges and the power to pursue your goals despite the hurdles are what can lead us to finding happiness and peace.

Lucid Dreaming – Let’s Us Give Our Mind The Chance

Did you hear them say the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up? Well, they were right but they should also have mentioned that you can actually control the dreams so you do not necessarily need to wake up. Thanks to lucid dreaming, that is totally possible.

Let us start from the beginning though – success springs from actions and actions spring from motivation. Motivation is the direct consequence of dreaming, which means every accomplishment in your life has to be dreamt of before it can come true. We can either dream about it wildly and unconsciously with no control of how the narrative unfolds or we can allow our mind to tame our inner self and control the dream from the source.

Whatever goal you wish to accomplish, it becomes far easier if you can influence the outcome from the source. Lucid dreaming is not easy though; you have to immerse yourself into the thick of things, feel and savor each moment before you can influence it.

Your mind needs to be at peace with everything, free of racing thoughts if you are to get anything out of lucid dreaming else, your control will be greatly impaired and like is the case with many unconscious dreams, you may never see it come to pass. Therefore, ease your mind of racing thoughts, banish all the negative thinking and let your mind lead your spirit into the wondrous land of dreaming.

There is a lot you can do to prepare your mind for this auspicious journey. If you are the introvert, you may want to take some time and escape into a state of solitude where the mind can focus on nothing but what matters. For the partying animals, there is a lot you can do to get the mind in the right frame for lucid dreaming. How about you hire party bus Toronto and go cruising with your friends as you train your mind to be in control of your dreams.

Whatever you decide today, just remember we are the controllers of our own destiny and all it takes is to give your mind some wiggle room so it may determine the outcome of your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming

Every day you fall asleep, you dream of this Utopia world where you drive a posh car, kiss the lips of the most beautiful person in the world and drive take family out to a Safari park every weekend. In the midst of all these, you are constantly promoted in your job, making friends right left and center and winning favor of everyone including your haters and detractors. If you ask me, this is an ideal dream and very few, if any, has had it. On the contrary, we are always finding ourselves watching our best friends drive the cars, losing our most cherished person and falling out of favor with everyone. The consequence is; we wake up feeling more empty and despondent than we were before falling asleep.

Well, that can be a thing of the past now, thanks to the new possibility – lucid dreaming. Just by allowing our minds to take control of everything, we can have some of the most remarkable dreams and wake up more motivated to want to turn them into reality. The mind operates in a very funny manner and it often feeds on what we give it. This means if you constantly think of the good life, chances are your dreams will resonate with these thoughts.

There is no better feeling than knowing we want something and then actually having the ability to acquire it. In lucid dreaming, the mind is not a spectator but rather the main influencer of the whole event. In our dreams, the mind wakes up from its sleeping state and having known what our wishes are, goes and tries to achieve it for us. It gives us more resolve to want to accomplish whatever it is we are dreaming of. Take a case in point, you are a resident of Chicago and are dreaming of high life in the city. If you allow your mind to have control over your dreams, it will naturally inspire you to hire movers Chicago and relocate into the suburb and apartment of your dream.

While lucid dreaming has a similarity with the common unconscious dreams in that you will still have to take real-life action to see the dream come true, it is however different in the sense that it gives us more impetus to want to follow through with the dream. Why not give your mind a chance today to control your dreams? You ever know but you may just have begun the most rewarding journeys to the good life.